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21K Group

World class education for your world.

Change is never easy - unexplored in the beginning, magnificent and groundbreaking at the end. The 21st century has been characterized by constant technological change and disruption like never before. 21K group is on a mission to create online learning spaces for communities that want to explore beyond the conventional. With a trained team that is constantly setting new benchmarks we aim to bring only the best experiences to our students. We have three institutions.

21K school

India’s first online school that is redefining education to fit global standards. We provide structured as well as flexible curriculums to fit all needs. World class education will now reach everyone, anywhere, anytime.

21K Skills

Brings top upskilling and reskilling courses from around the world for individuals, corporates and retired military personnel. For this we have international partners who are leaders in developing talent and capabilities in technical fields such as software engineering and data science.


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