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21K School + K12 was designed around the very idea of responsiveness—to student needs, to cultural shifts, even to unknowns like pandemics—while providing a foundation that inspires our students to engage deeply with their learning. This foundation has positioned us to create a model that responds to the exigencies of this time while preserving the uniqueness.

Our expansive course catalogue allows you to meet each student at his or her point of need—from those who are struggling, or at risk of dropping out or not graduating on time, to those seeking greater academic challenges or enrichment in their learning.

Our courses have been crafted based on education research, are aligned to critical learning standards, and are designed to help teachers prepare students for academic success. Upto grade 8 students are a part of structured curriculum curated by 21K School + K12. Students however, do have the options of picking up electives throughout the program as a 21K Skills initiative.

For grade 9 to 12 - 21K School follows The Keystone School’s curriculum and students get a diploma after graduation from them. The Keystone School is a fully accredited, online middle and high school with a 40-year pedigree for independent learners seeking a highly flexible education.

The program allows students to choose from over 170, including AP, credit recovery, world languages and electives. This is a self-paced program with an option for dual degree.


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