Early Years

"When you see your child looking forward to his classes, you know the school is doing something really right."

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Early Years

Where it all starts – online elementary is it right for you?

21K + K12 is a place where children learn about themselves by exploring their own world and a place where they grow in confidence through a sense of belonging. Our classes might be online but the bonds the students form with their class mates and teachers across different cities help them learn through experiences and exploration. Our activities help students and parents connect and form a lifelong bond. Students begin to recognise their own value by valuing others and they develop a love of learning through imagination, innovation and creativity.

Our curriculum is rooted in the principles of how children learn, while the online school platform harnesses the power of 21st-century technology to make learning come alive. 21K School + K12-powered online elementary schools offer engaging courses that provide a solid foundation in reading, math, science, and history. Students may also choose courses in art, music, and world languages.

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