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Education is a powerful tool that drives development and helps reduce poverty and improve living standards, gender equality, and stability. However, it is still inaccessible to millions of children around the world today. We strongly believe it is a fundamental right of every child – even those who cannot afford it. We are taking this forward through B1G1.

B1G1 is run by a social enterprise (registered company in Singapore) and a non-profit organization (501(c)3 registered in the US) with a mission to create a world that's full of giving. In 2007, they started with a simple idea: “What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?” With more than a decade of work, this simple idea has now become a global movement.

How can you be a part of it?

By merely enrolling your child with 21K School. Not only will you guarantee a world-class education for your child but also gift quality education to children somewhere in the world, who are not so fortunate – at no extra expense to you.

21K will contribute under the B1G1 initiative:
  1. For every enrolment application submitted, we will sponsor early childhood education for children in GHANA.
  2. For every admission confirmed, we will provide education for children in INDIA.
  3. For every person recruited at 21K School, we will educate primary school children in ZIMBABWE.

Together, we aim to create a legion of educational contributors all around the world. Enrol your child with 21K School and make a difference, today!

Impacts in Sustainable Development Goals

339 projects 6,457,529 impacts

154 projects 17,825,424 impacts

447 projects 41,087,184 impacts

480 projects 16,523,299 impacts

89 projects 1,952,985 impacts

84 projects 140,492,249 impacts

25 projects 1,723,250 impacts

126 projects 2,035,256 impacts

69 projects 6,219,665 impacts

541 projects 19,510,888 impacts

72 projects 32,318,417 impacts

22 projects 238,853 impacts

77 projects 492,534 impacts

12 projects 8,570 impacts

106 projects 3,454,837 impacts

66 projects 326,583 impacts

8 projects 56,152 impacts

Our Other Curriculum and Technology Partners include the best from the fields including eBooks, Personalised Learning, Digital Library, Coding and Virtual Labs.


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