"The beauty of online schooling is that you can be anywhere and yet have access to quality education - our students come from all over the world. "

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About 21K School
  • Is 21K School recognised/affiliated?

  • Will 21K provide the marks sheet and Transfer Certificate?

  • What does 21K stand for?

  • How does 21K School compare with physical schools?

  • Is 21K School only for Homeschooling?

  • My physical School also conducts online classes. How is 21K different?

  • Is 21K School a Minority School?

  • Is 21K School open for everyone irrespective of religion, caste, creed or ethnicity?

  • Is this an Indian Organization?

  • Who are the Founders of 21K School?

  • What is the purpose of 21K School

About Academics
  • Is there a basis for promoting students to the next Grade at the end of the academic year?

  • What about inter-class or inter-school competitions?

  • How will I know my child is learning?

  • How will my child read books, as there is no library?

  • How will Sports / Games be conducted?

  • What will my child learn additionally compared to physical School?

  • What are Remedial Sessions?

  • What are enrichment classes?

  • What is activity-based and experiential learning? How will it be delivered online?

  • How much homework will the students have in a day?

  • In a School, my child develops several values and life skills. Will 21K be able to do the same?

  • What about discipline?

  • What happens if my child is unable to do his homework?

  • How will examinations be conducted?

  • Who will supervise the students during exams at home? What if the students copy the answers from the internet?

  • Will there be writing work?

  • What about picnics and excursions?

  • What is a digital portfolio?

  • What curriculum do you follow in Pre-Primary (Nursery to KG2)?

  • What are the prime and specific areas of development?

  • What curriculum do you follow in Primary (Grades 1 to 5) and Middle (Grade 6 to 8) under the Indian Programme

  • What is the medium of instruction?

  • Do you offer a Third Language?

  • Do you offer a Foreign Language?

How it Works
  • What is the Student’s Learning Kit?

  • When will the parents get the learning kit?

  • I am worried about loneliness or lack of socialisation

  • Is 21K secured and safe?

  • Will my data be protected?

  • Are your teachers part-time or full-time?

  • How do you recruit your teachers? Are all teachers well-qualified and trained?

  • I am worried about screen time and its effect on a child’s health

  • Are three to four hours of live classes sufficient for Grade 1-8?

  • How will I keep my child engaged the whole day if the classes are only for three hours?

  • How can my child attend live classes when I am not at home?

  • Is the requirement of an adult attending the live classes with a child essential?

  • The Batches have fixed timing. But, you claim anytime, anywhere learning. How is that possible?

  • How many students will be there in my child’s classroom session?

  • I don’t want too much of the digital world around my child. Isn’t it advised that students must get minimum exposure to technology and screen time?

  • How many hours of live classes will the students be required to attend?

  • What is the purpose of the live classes?

  • What if my child missed any of the live classes?

  • How do I report leave of absence?

  • How can I speak to the Principal / Teachers?

  • How do I give feedback about teachers?

  • Will there be a PTM?

  • What kind of computer system or device will I need at home?

  • Do I need a printer at home?

  • Who will correct worksheets or check the homework?

  • Will I get a Progress Report Card?

  • Will the 21K School celebrate festivals and other important days?

  • Will the School conduct assembly or daily prayers?

  • Is there a uniform or dress code for live sessions?

  • Would students have access to each other’s contact details or personal information?

  • What if I share my user ID and password with someone else?

  • Can I change the Batch?

  • Is Saturday a working day for School?

  • Will the teachers give personal attention to my child?

  • Is 21K open for students residing outside India?

  • Is the fee refundable?

  • Is 21K School for me? How do I decide?

  • Who Should Enrol?

  • I prefer to send my child to a physical school? How can 21K help?

  • How can I pay the fees?

  • How can I enrol my child?

  • I have twins. Do I need to enrol each child separately?

  • My child and her cousin are in the same class. Can they attend live classes together?

  • In case I am not satisfied with the Program, how can I discontinue?

  • Can I enrol my child in the middle of the academic year?

  • Can I enrol only for some subjects?

  • What are the positive benefits of schooling through 21K?

  • Will I be able to seek admission into a traditional school after one year of home-schooling?

  • Does 21K School have a mobile App?

  • What is home-schooling?

  • Are Online Schools the future?

  • What is Blended Learning?

  • What is Flipped Learning?

  • Will my child be accepted into colleges after completion of the program?

  • Is the program accredited?

  • Will we be learning in American time?

  • Is the American curriculum more expensive than the Indian curriculum?

  • Can I switch between curriculums during the course of the year?

  • Are the faculty different for each curriculum?


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