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How does it work?

Is online schooling a real thing...

For starters over a million students have graduated from our partner program with K12! So, yes it works - but it is not for everyone. Before we get into whether 21K School + K12 is right for your child let’s walk you over how online school actually functions.

21K School is your virtual school. Presently, we are enrolling students for Nursery to Grade 12

The School will follow an annual academic calendar and conduct live classes online for 1-3 hours, 5-6 days a week (depending on the Grade). Please see the table below for the details.

The school also offers self-paced learning for students of all ages – this is especially useful for parents who are home-schooling their children and would like to have the flexibility.

  • For high school students the school provides an option of securing a dual diploma.
  • Classes conducted by trained, experienced, and skilled teachers
  • Special Classes by subject experts and real-life achievers
  • Conferences and Online Events
  • Wide range of capstone courses & electives


Social Life of an Online Middle School Student


Social Life of an Online Elementary School Student


Social Life of an Online High School Student

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