Middle Schools

"The change I have seen in my children is phenomenal. They want to explore more about topics taught in school!"

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Middle Schools

Developing intellectually curious, independent-minded young adults.

We know that the attitudes, intellectual habits and work ethic one develops during these years stay with them for life. That’s why our students are encouraged to question received wisdoms, to think deeply and to interrogate new ideas across a broad range of academic disciplines.

21K School + K12 program offers courses in english, math, science, history, world languages, art, and music. In addition to required courses, students can choose from a variety of electives, with our 21K Skills initiative. All courses are designed to help your child find what interests them, prepare for standardized tests, and set a path for success in high school.

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Personalised learning

Certified teachers

Interactive Curriculum

Supportive Community


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